Administration and IT Management
Designed for CIOs and IT Professionals

Today, an agile IT environment is essential to support the dramatically increasing and highly variable user demand for simulations. By implementing a flexible development approach, IT can improve the time to market for products, thereby realizing business value earlier than traditional approaches. ScaleX Enterprise's administrative portal is designed for CIOs and IT professionals to help transform their IT into an agile environment with scalable, secure, and elastic cloud HPC resources, while maintaining full IT control and access.

Full Administrative Control

Create and set accounts by users and groups. Execute full administrative control via a pre-designed, yet customizable, IT Dashboard.

Effective Budgeting and Cost Management

Set budgets and control individual or group spend rates. Effectively manage cost and optimize spending.

Role-Based Permissions

Configure permissions by roles for added information security, easy project oversight, and collaboration.

Seamlessly Integrate with On-Premise HPC

Access Rescale's tools and API to enable smooth integrations with on-premise HPC and job schedulers.

Deployed Securely and Efficiently into the Enterprise

Single sign-on (SSO) provides centralized access control and efficient account access with improved security.

Pay-Per-Use Billing and On-Demand Purchasing

Monitor usage and reporting by users, groups or company. Purchase hardware and software on demand and significantly reduce capital expenditures.

Heightened IT Security and Standards

Securely connect to existing on-premise infrastructure. ScaleX Enterprise's end-to-end security implementation further improves data safety and IP protection.

Predictive and Elastic Computing

Monitor computing and license usage, and track the progress of projects. Scale computing resources and licenses elastically to ensure optimal IT allocation.

Transformed and Agile IT

Transform fixed-cost capital infrastructure into agile project-based operational expenses. Improve business bottom line, optimize product design, and accelerate the time to market.

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