Secure and User Friendly File Management in the Cloud

Rescale's simulation platforms have comprehensive file management capabilities to allow users to efficiently and securely transfer, organize, and store their simulation input and output files. Fast file upload and download can be performed using the latest data transfer technology through a browser, along with unlimited and on-demand data storage.

Organize and Share Your Simulation File

Easy and Logical File Organization

Quickly create folders and sort, search, or group files. The GUI-based file management feature of Rescale's simulation platforms allows users to organize their input and output files easily and logically for efficient access.

Comprehensive File Version Management

The built-in file version control function tracks simulation history and changes. Users can share appropriate files with colleagues and benchmark between multiple simulation runs.

Smart and Straightforward File Sharing

Easily share simulation setup, workflow, and results with colleagues worldwide. Clone an analysis workflow to create derivative simulations in seconds. Rescale's simulation platforms provide quick and efficient file sharing to enhance team collaboration.

Upload and Download Your Data

Fast and Efficient File Transfer

Using the latest parallel data transfer technology, Rescale's simulation platforms enable quick and easy file transfer directly from the browser.

Download Specific Files

Download an individual file or all results securely to your desktop, or leave them in your Rescale account to access at any time.

File Synchronization and Retrieval

Automatically download output files at job completion using Rescale's sync tools. No user intervention is required and users can transfer all or select files without having to monitor the simulation.

Secure On-Demand File Storage

Unlimited and On-Demand Data Storage

Graphically monitor company and user data usage. Access unlimited data storage and pay only for the resources used.

Uncompromised Data Security

Client-side file encryption and channel encryption provide industry-exceeding security standards for data transfer and storage. Uncompromised data security ensures users simulate with confidence..

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