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Partner Categories

Channel Partner

Join one of Rescale’s Channel partner programs to grow your business with the most comprehensive HPC in the Cloud solution. We enable our partners to market and sell Rescale’s ScaleX platform, the industry-leading Enterprise HPC solution that enables customers to seamless deploy HPC in the Cloud and Hybrid HPC.

Referrals Partners

For Rescale Partners that would like to introduce cloud HPC to their customers, but who are not quite ready to take on sales of Rescale’s ScaleX platform, customer onboarding, or customer support.
Referral Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Zero administrative burden
  • Zero financial investment
  • Participation in cloud HPC

Solution Co-sell Partners

Ideal for partners providing application software and/or IT services that would like to incorporate cloud HPC to differentiate their solution and co-sell with cloud HPC experts.
Solutions Co-sell Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Zero administrative burden
  • Zero financial investment
  • Co-selling motion with cloud HPC experts and pre-sales support
  • Sales and technical training
  • Ability to sell services extension
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives

Reseller Partners

For Rescale partners who would like to expand their business with cloud HPC and to own the sales motion of Rescale’s ScaleX platform, own the account, and provide ongoing customer support.
Reseller Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Co-branded sign up page
  • Sales rewards
  • Client management via ScaleX Partner
  • Custom pricing and own customer billing
  • Multiple sales and technical training sessions
  • Ability to sell services extension
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives

System Integrators

For Rescale partners who specialize in providing professional services in design and engineering, high performance computing, IT transformation, and other related market segments.
SI Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Increased revenue opportunities with ability to sell services extension
  • Participation in cloud HPC
  • Fees earned on opportunities brought to and closed by Rescale
  • No financial investment

Technology Partner

Join one of Rescale’s Technology partner programs to make your products and services available through Rescale’s ScaleX platform. We enable our partners to seamlessly deliver their products or services in the cloud and expand their business model with flexible, consumption based cloud models, including both pay-as-you-go and prepayment of hourly models.

Independent Software Vendors

For ISVs interested in enabling seamless delivery of their software in the cloud across multiple cloud service providers, enabling customers to run traditional licensing (“BYOL”) in the cloud, and generate new revenue through on-demand licensing with Rescale’s ScaleX platform.
ISV Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • ISVs offering on-demand licensing get access and use of ScaleX Partner
  • On-demand license server hosting and license metering
  • Software enabled to run across multiple cloud providers via Rescale’s HPC Cloud
  • Automated monthly billing and invoicing
  • Integrated support
  • Automated monthly billing and invoicing
  • Discounted pricing on Rescale’s cloud services
  • Dedicated documentation and tutorial pages
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives

Cloud Service Providers

For providers of HPC compute resources, including public cloud, bare metal systems, supercomputing centers, and on-premises infrastructure, interested in providing a cloud experience with turnkey deployment of over 650+ HPC applications.
Cloud Service Provider Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Leveraging Rescale’s engineering, deep learning, and cloud HPC expertise with customers
  • Expanded channel by being part of Rescale’s HPC Cloud
  • Ability to offer customers a full-stack solution with your hardware
  • Increased software support via Rescale’s Software Library
  • Monthly billing and invoicing
  • Joint sales and marketing initiatives

Co-Location Providers

For datacenter providers that offer colocation and private networking services to a HPC customer base.
Co-Location Partners enjoy these benefits:
  • Channel expansion
  • Ability to offer customers a full-stack HPC solution
  • Participation in Rescale’s hybrid cloud offering
  • Joint marketing and sales initiatives

Powered by Rescale

For Rescale partners who are typically ISVs, cloud service providers, hardware systems providers, supercomputing centers, and system integrators & IT distributors who want to deliver their own seamless cloud HPC experience to their customers. Powered by Rescale provides partners with ScaleX OEM, a fully branded, customized cloud solution that looks and feels like the Partner's own cloud solution.




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