Solutions pour les AUTOMATION

Automation accelerates the execution of multi-step workflows and integrates custom tools into Rescale’s vast HPC compute environment.

Accelerate time to results with automated workflows

Simulation workflows typically require several repeatable steps to be performed such as meshing a model and assessing standardized load cases. From there though, the remaining steps of such workflows are usually painstakingly customized, tuned, and executed manually to increase the final quality and deliver acceptable results.

Automation of workflows solves this challenge and can be achieved using Rescale’s web services API and the Java CLI. The API and CLI allow programmatic access to all features of the platform allowing management and control of data, jobs, clusters etc. and provide the building blocks to implement custom workflows. Once captured, the workflow can be run on both on-premise HPC systems and in the cloud through the ScaleX platform.

Another domain requiring automation and integration is the need to run HPC workloads in the cloud from client-side applications. A number of software vendors are integrating with ScaleX to provide a scalable HPC platform for their clients to transparently run their simulations. Users set up their simulations with the application GUI and instead of solving on their local workstation or perhaps a local cluster they have access to the scalable HPC resources of the ScaleX platform. This provides easy access to the scalable compute environment and delivers quicker time to results, or the ability to solve problems which are too large for local computing resources.

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