Solutions pour les Autonomous Driving

The ScaleX platform enables automakers, truck designers, tier 1 suppliers, and startups to accelerate computation and development of automated and autonomous vehicles.

Driven to accelerate simulation and machine learning

Rescale’s platform architecture allows enterprises to better develop self-driving cars, trucks and shuttles that are certifiably safe. This is a tough challenge, as few industries are more heavily scrutinized and regulated than surface transportation. As the highway system evolves from manual operation to fully autonomous, the computational difficulty on the design, engineering and validation is exceptionally high.

The Rescale platform delivers 3 main enablers to accomplish safe autonomous driving machines: infinitely scalable compute resources, the latest compute hardware technologies, and native cloud porting to vast sensor and training datasets. In addition, engineers and scientists are able to port their own customized deep learning frameworks (in addition to the major frameworks and containers publicly available).

The Rescale ScaleX platform enables users to:

"Self-driving cars are the natural extension of active safety, and obviously something we should do."

Elon Musk

Leading Industries Recognize the Benefits of Incorporating Cloud

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