Solutions for CAE and MDO

Immediate access to unlimited compute resource to scale up your optimization. Unlock the power of MDO with higher fidelity models and more complex multiphysics interactions to achieve a true optimal design.

Leverage cloud HPC to accelerate your MDO workflows

Physics-based computer simulation tools, whether for mechanical stress, thermal, fluid dynamics or electromagnetics, have become essential components of any engineer's toolbox in recent years. The ability to create a virtual prototype and optimized a design becomes a crucial part of development process. From design of experiments (DOE), to multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO), ScaleX platform offers the power and flexibility to go beyond the traditional simulation analysis.

Rescale offers a unique platform to connect multiple physics-based simulation software into a single design optimization process. With a vast selection of HPC infrastructures, engineers can choose the best hardware for their MDO workflows.

"What's changing now is the way that fresh software technologies are transforming these powerful but formerly difficult-to-apply [MDO] methods into practical, everyday engineering aids."

Bruce Jenkins

The Rescale Cloud Pushes the Boundaries of Innovation

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