Solutions pour les IT / HPC Management

Manage your entire HPC system on a single pane of glass. Rescale offers a turnkey extension of on-premise systems to the cloud, delivering immediate, scalable access to the latest HPC architectures.

Flexible computing resources

  • Run simulation jobs on the best job-specific infrastructure, whether CPU, GPU, memory or interconnect sensitive
  • No queuing or job scheduler needed, even for large jobs as additional or burst resources are always available to meet demand
  • Minimize transfer time with a wide range of the latest hardware and software options in a centralized location
  • Hybrid options available to make full use of existing on-premise resources

Complete management and cost-saving administrative toolsets

  • Manage budgets for hardware, software, data transfer, storage, and license proxies by user, group or projects
  • Adjust operating expenditure according to project requirements and cash flow, eliminating job back-ups and idle on-premise resources
  • Get 4x the capability in OpEx over 5 years compared to the equivalent CapEx investment

Industry Leading IT Security and Standards

  • Securely connect to existing on-premise infrastructure
  • End-to-end encryption further improves data safety and IP protection
  • Independently audited to meet or exceed the standards of ITAR, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), HIPAA, AICPA and more

"Cloud computing is a fundamental part of Aerion's long-term strategy. If compliance isn't met, the consequences for the company, employees, and even the country can be severe, so we take it very seriously. Rescale gives us compliance and control with the best of the cloud, allowing us to work quickly, efficiently and in parallel with each other."

Bissell Smith, CIO & EVP at Aerion Supersonic

Transformed and Agile IT & HPC

  • Transform fixed-cost capital infrastructure into agile project-based operational expenses
  • Improve business bottom line, optimize product design, and accelerate the time to market

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