Solutions pour les THE INTERNET OF THINGS

Big Data requires Big Compute. To capture the value of connected things and the massive volume of data they generate, organizations must leverage high performance computing that is scalable, connected, and close.

Connect the internet of things to HPC in the cloud

The automation and dynamic response behavior of the IoT systems can only be achieved through solving compute-intensive optimization problems. In practice, these workflows tend to be highly complex. The ScaleX platform can orchestrate multiple applications (each with unique compute needs) and connect data to different IOT platforms and locations.

In order to provide real-time response while maintaining accuracy, reduced order models can be generated from the full fidelity models, right on the Rescale platform, and then updated as new device data arrives.

Finally, Rescale accelerates the design of IOT devices themselves by providing engineering and development teams access to traditional thermal, stress and electromagnetic simulation applications. These applications drive innovation in device design and optimized power consumption.

"We need to get smarter about hardware and software innovation in order to get the most value from the emerging Internet of Things."

Henry Samueli

Leading Industries Recognize the Benefits of Incorporating Cloud

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