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Rescale allows startups to compete effectively with large and established enterprises. By delivering the fast, scalable and on-demand big compute resources required for rapid product design and development, but without the on-premise capital investment typically required, Rescale is the perfect start-up solution. For unmatched flexibility, HPC in the cloud can be scaled up or down to match both compute demand and cash flow requirements.

Featured Customer: Optisys

Optisys is a radiofrequency (RF) antenna design company based in Utah. Using revolutionary 3D metal printing technology, Optisys specializes in 3D-printed custom RF antenna solutions for military and commercial applications. The Rescale Startup Program has enabled Optisys to excel in their field and to disrupt the RF component market in the following ways:

"Spinning up on the Rescale platform was easier than I expected by orders of magnitude… I’ve been beyond impressed with how easy it’s been to use Rescale successfully from day one."

Mike Hollenbeck, CTO & Co-founder, Optisys

The Rescale Cloud Pushes the Boundaries of Innovation

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