Rescale on Intel

Rescale is proud to run our ScaleX platform on Intel's category-defining processors, which form the backbone of Rescale's global, multi-cloud HPC infrastructure network. From the tried and true processors of the Xeon family to the bleeding-edge performance of the new Knights Landing Xeon Phi, Rescale's cluster configurations give customers the freedom to optimize their clusters according to the cost and performance criteria of their jobs.

ScaleX Labs with Intel

Xeon Phi processors and Omni-Path Architecture

Rescale is collaborating with Intel and R Systems to bring you ScaleX Labs with Intel. Managed by R Systems, ScaleX Labs delivers the performance gains of Intel's latest Knights Landing Xeon Phi processors with Omni-Path Architecture interconnect directly to engineers and scientists through ScaleX, Rescale's cloud platform for big compute.

With ScaleX Labs with Intel you get:

  • Four weeks of free computing on ScaleX Pro
  • Massive parallelism and vectorization delivered by Intel Xeon Phi processors
  • Optimized HPC fabric with Intel Omni-Path integrated architecture
  • Pre-configured and optimized codes on Intel Xeon Phi processors
  • Intuitive GUI for job management and collaboration
  • Secure SSL data transfer and encryption at rest
  • Beta access to ScaleX Developer
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