ScaleX™ Enterprise

Transform IT, Empower Engineers, Unleash Innovation

ScaleX™ Enterprise is the enterprise deployment of Rescale's industry leading cloud simulation and HPC platform. ScaleX Enterprise features a unified enterprise simulation platform and a powerful administrative portal, along with direct integrations and management of on-premise HPC resources, schedulers, and software licenses.

A consolidated platform for simulation software and HPC hardware - ScaleX Enterprise enables Fortune 500 CIOs and IT professionals to transform stagnant IT into an agile environment, driving product innovation and providing competitive advantage.


"ScaleX Enterprise is an ideal solution for our organization, empowering our engineers to develop the most innovative products and perform groundbreaking research and development for our clients." - Wayne Tanner, President, Leading Edge Engineering

Feature Highlights

Empower your organization with unlimited agile IT resources

Streamlined and customizable engineering workflow
Desktops featuring advanced remote visualization
End-to-end data encryption, cluster isolation, kernel encryption, and data center security
Access to 200+ natively integrated simulation applications
Access to largest global HPC network: 8m+ servers, 1400+ PFLOPS of compute
Collaborate and share engineering data securely and seamlessly

Unified deployment and administration of HPC hardware and software

Customizable IT dashboard to monitor all of your hardware and software
Hybrid cloud and on-premise HPC integration, monitoring, and management
Create and manage accounts by roles, users, groups, accesses and security
Set software and hardware budgets and controlling individual or group spend
Single sign-on (SSO) for centralized access control and efficient and secure account access
External scheduler and license server integration

Rescale's industry-leading security solution is fully and independently certified


Transform your organization with ScaleX Enterprise today