Solutions for HPC Management

Manage your entire HPC system on a single pane of glass. Rescale’s ScaleX® platform offers a turnkey extension of on-premise systems to the cloud, delivering immediate, scalable access to the latest HPC architectures.


Features and Benefits of Rescale

Transformed and Agile IT & HPC

  • Explore how to incorporate cloud and its benefits into existing HPC strategy with low risk
  • Transform fixed-cost capital infrastructure into agile project-based operational expenses
  • Improve business bottom line, optimize product design, and accelerate time to market

Comprehensive HPC Management

  • Manage budgets for hardware, software, data transfer, storage, and license proxies by user, group or project. Detailed dashboard reporting.
  • Significantly reduce capital expenditure and long term HPC planning
  • Adjust operating expenditure according to project requirements and cash flow
  • No job back-ups or idle on-premise resources. Disaster recovery options.
  • Get 4X the capability in OpEx over 5 years compared to the equivalent CapEx investment

Heightened IT Security and Standards

  • Securely connect to existing on-premise infrastructure
  • End-to-end encryption further improves data safety and IP protection
  • Independently audited to meet or exceed the standards of ITAR, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), ISO 27001 & 27017, HIPAA and AICPA

Flexible Computing Resources

  • Run simulation jobs on the latest and best job-specific architecture, whether CPU, GPU, memory or interconnect sensitive
  • Test new architectures without substantial capital investment
  • No queuing or job scheduler needed, even for large jobs
  • Additional (bursting) resources are always immediately available to meet demand
  • Hybrid options to incorporate on-premise resources