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The Rescale Intelligent Platform

Any Application.
Any Infrastructure.
Always Optimized.

Industry’s First Intelligent Control Plane for Hybrid and Multi-cloud Big Compute

Rescale combines software-defined flexibility, hardware acceleration, and intelligent operations for new levels of performance, architectural control and R&D productivity.

  • Full stack economic optimization across software & hardware
  • Complete architectural control across hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Seamless R&D experience abstracted from infrastructure

Big compute made simpler, smarter, and faster

IT leaders use the Rescale intelligent platform to help researchers tackle the world’s most challenging science and engineering problems.

Performance and Efficiency

Maximize the economic impact of hybrid and multi-cloud operations using the latest architectures and performance intelligence.

Control at Scale

Enable global and multi-BU organizations with controlled and secure computing environments with the highest levels of service.

Empowered R&D

Accelerate commercializing new innovations with researcher-centric workflows and collaboration, abstracted from infrastructure.

Rescale enables modern HPC operations

Rescale complements your software and cloud or on-prem resources to deliver a turnkey simulation experience.

Modern HPC = Simulation Software + Rescale Intelligent Platform + Cloud/Datacenter Hardware

Rescale Control

  • Application lifecycle management & license management
  • Infrastructure as code with multi-cloud & hybrid infrastructure automation

Rescale Intelligence

  • Software + hardware performance intelligence
  • Pricing, budgeting & planning intelligence
  • User & simulation workflow intelligence
  • Security & compliance intelligence

Explore the possibilities of the cloud operating model across a variety of resources and applications

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