Our mission is to empower anyone to accelerate innovation

Rescale is a technology company that builds cloud software and services that enables organizations of every size to deliver the engineering and scientific breakthroughs that enrich humanity.


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Customer-First Values

Rescale is here for, and because of, our customers. To place customers at the center of all we do, Rescale’s four values are Growth mindset gets to great; Run fast, own the outcome; Iterate to innovate; and Team over self. Together, they define the GRIT we need in our character to help our customers become wildly successful.

Growth mindset gets to great

Our desire to learn and improve combined with hard work drive us to master our craft. We embrace challenges and persist over time until we achieve great. We start with first principles so we can build a deliberate path to success from the beginning. Like our customers, we explore and push into the unfamiliar with curiosity.

Run fast, own the outcome

We execute with speed to keep our promises to our customers and each other. We understand the opportunity cost of time. We care about achieving meaningful outcomes and making an impact, not only a set of activities. Taking the time to agree on first principles allows each person at Rescale to move with the autonomy and agility necessary to own end-to-end results.

Iterate to innovate

We listen to customers intently--anticipating needs and keeping them insanely happy. We discover this more quickly by reducing cycle times and the cost of failure. We quickly deliver the smallest viable increment, then react to feedback and focus on continuous improvement. We also balance our customers’ wishes with the innovation they need us to envision for them.

Team over self

How we accomplish our goals together is as important as what we achieve. We recognize brilliance is wasted without charity. We seek and provide feedback because it is a gift which helps us develop and makes us stronger. We also find lessons and inspiration in other’s success, and wake up every morning excited to be part of one team.