Rescale partners with Azure to provide the industry-leading SaaS, secure, cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) simulation platform. Integrated with all Azure global data centers and over 650+ turn-key simulation software applications, ScaleX® on Azure allows users to instantly scale out computationally complex simulations and analytics.

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With virtually limitless HPC compute resources on Azure, you can now take advantage of the scale and flexibility that the cloud brings to organizations of all sizes. Azure can help you and your team to introduce new, high-quality products to market, while controlling costs within compressed development times.

  • Rescale integrates with Azure availability zones world-wide
  • Accelerated deployment of HPC workloads in hybrid and full-cloud modes
  • Rescale and Azure provide customers a turnkey HPC solution with virtually limitless scale and flexibility


Rescale’s ScaleX® Enterprise platform delivers:

"Rescale's ScaleX® cloud platform is a game-changer for engineering. It gives Boom computing resources comparable to building a large on-premise HPC center. Rescale lets us move fast with minimal capital spending and resources overhead."

Joshua Krall, Co-founder & CTO, Boom



  • Global infrastructure: Rescale integrates with data centers in every Azure region
  • Hardware variety: Rescale supports all Azure HPC infrastructure including high-throughput networks with placement groups and GPUs
  • Account management: Rescale integrates with your existing Azure Private Cloud
  • Create one integrated HPC system: Rescale combine on-premise and cloud resources that can be implemented in days, not months
  • Reduce overall risk: of the HPC part of the Cloud Migration Plan
  • Increase productivity: Rescale handles +30 IT related tasks needed to run jobs with no waiting for HPC resources

"Rescale was able to provide a very seamless method for us to cloud burst from our on-premises cluster without changing any behaviors of our user base. That means our user base…has the freedom to submit a job to an on-premises queue or the cloud. Whichever they choose, it's exactly the same process for them and it's seamless. The Rescale integration has a lot of appeal."

Marco Accardo, Principal, Director of Information Technology, RWDI

Web-Based SaaS Interface

  • 엔지니어링 Rescale helps customers shift from complex on-premise workflows to an easy-to-use web-based engineering SaaS workflow
  • Web 기반 워크 플로우 Rescale supports all types of workflows including multidisciplinary exploration, optimizations, design of experiments, and more
  • Turn-key: Rescale allows the user to quickly choose the best hardware and software for their business needs in one easy-to-use interface


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