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Performance, security, and simplicity are the design philosophy behind Rescale's simulation platforms. Whether it is ScaleX Enterprise for enterprise integration and simulation, ScaleX Pro for direct access by engineers and scientists, or ScaleX Developer for native application and scheduler integration, they all include a rich and powerful set of features that enable users to perform simulations quickly and confidently.

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Integrated Software and Hardware Cloud Simulation Platforms

Rescale's simulation solutions are cloud based, integrated software and hardware platforms for companies to perform scientific and engineering simulations. With an infrastructure network of over 60 advanced global data centers and over 200 simulation applications pre-tested and cloud-enabled, Rescale's platforms are the largest and most advanced cloud simulation and HPC environments in the world.

Streamlined and Customizable Engineering Workflow

Rescale's simulation platforms come with an intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable workflow. Run single simulation software or connect multiple solvers, set up large design of experiments (DOEs), or perform optimization analysis--Rescale's simulation platforms enable users to solve even the most demanding engineering and scientific problems. Learn More »

Advanced Remote Visualization Technology

The platforms' visualization feature allows users to perform remote visualization via a standard Internet connection in the cloud. Experience interactive and high performance visualization with accelerated 3D-graphics powered by NVIDIA GRID™ and NICE DCV™ Technology. Learn More »

Smart and Easy Collaboration

Seamlessly share simulation setup, workflow, and results with colleagues, worldwide. Clone analysis workflow to create derivative simulations in seconds. Rescale's simulation platforms enhance team collaboration securely by accelerating project timelines and improving product performance, without lengthy files transfers.

Comprehensive Administrative Portal for IT

Access and manage, track and control, budget and bill – ScaleX Enterprise's administrative portal is thoughtfully designed for CIOs and IT professionals to help them transform their IT system into an agile environment with scalable, secure, and elastic cloud HPC resources, while maintaining full IT control and access. Learn More »

Native Integration Using the Application Programming Interface

Directly launch cloud simulations from within your application's graphical user interface (GUI) or from your existing compute clusters. The API feature allows you to easily port your simulation applications to Rescale's simulation platforms or programmatically burst your compute jobs using the existing job schedulers. Learn More »

Fast and Secure File Transfer, Management, and Storage

Rescale's simulation platforms have comprehensive file management capabilities to allow users to efficiently and securely transfer, organize, and store their simulation input and output files. Fast file upload and download can be performed using the latest data transfer technology through a browser, along with unlimited and on-demand data storage. Learn More »

Usage Reporting and Billing

Detailed usage reports are readily available in secure user accounts to allow companies or users to track their usage and spending, and to provision budgets and allocate funds accordingly. Rescale works with each company and user to implement the billing cycle and repayment method that best suits their needs. Learn More »

Leading Security Solutions

Simulate with confidence. Rescale's simulation platforms are natively built for the cloud and provide end-to-end data encryption, cluster isolation, kernel encryption, and data center security. They comply with the strictest industry security standards, such as ITAR compliance for US export controlled activities and SOC 2, as well as independent external security audits. Learn More »

Flexible Deployment of Software Licensing

Bring your own software licenses (BYOL), or purchase on-demand or short-term software licenses that are available through Rescale's partnerships with leading software vendors. Rescale's simulation platforms enable instant and on-demand computing and allow users to scale both software and hardware.

Excellent User Experience and Customer Support

Live Chat with Rescale's excellent customer service and support team. Read the many user examples, advanced tutorials, and documentation readily available on Rescale's website. Rescale ensures that you have the very best experience with our simulation platforms.

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