Built‐in Remote Desktop and Visualization
for a Full Cloud Experience

While simulation engineers are enjoying the powerful and unlimited computing power provided by Rescale, their productivity is further increased by having remote desktop and visualization capabilities in the cloud. Via a standard Internet connection, Rescale's customers can access their 2D/3D desktop applications or remotely visualize their simulation results with interactive performance.

"NVIDIA GPUs turbocharge Rescale's remote visualization technology, virtually eliminating the data transfer bottleneck with large simulations." - Jeff Herbst, Vice President of Business Development at NVIDIA

Remotely Visualize Simulation Results

Standard Internet Connection

Perform remote visualization in the cloud via a standard Internet connection. Visualize simulation results anywhere and at anytime.

Interactive High Performance Visualization

Interactive and high performance visualization with accelerated 3D-graphics are further enabled by NVIDIA GRID™ and NICE DCV technology.

Broad Application Support

Remote visualization technology is capable of accelerating broad applications from many vertical industries including manufacturing design and simulation, oil and gas seismic analysis and interpretation, medical and scientific simulation, and semiconductor design and simulation, among others.

Run Desktop Applications in the Cloud

Remotely Access and Interact with Full Desktop Applications

Access desktop application commands and controls. Interact with simulation software graphical user interfaces (GUI) and 3D visualization results in the cloud.

Perform Complete Workflow in the Cloud

Rescale's cloud simulation platform provides uninterrupted visual computing from pre-processing, to solving, to post-processing. No need to download large simulation output files to your local system.

Enhanced User Experience and Fast Time-to-Market

Enable a full desktop and simulation cloud experience with accelerated computing and visualization. Shorten project deadlines and accelerate the time-to-market.

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