Rescale partners with Google Cloud to deliver an industry-leading SaaS that is a secure, cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) simulation platform. Fully integrated with all GCP data centers and accessing over 650+ HPC applications ported and tuned, Rescale on GCP allows organizations to scale up computationally complex simulations and move at the speed of ideas.

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" 자율 주행은 우리가 반드시 준수 해야 할 능동적인 안전의 확장형 입니다.

Elon Musk

With virtually limitless HPC compute resources on GCP, your company can now take advantage of the agility and scale that the cloud brings to organizations of all sizes. GCP can help you and your team to develop high-quality products to market, while controlling costs within compressed development schedules.

  • Rescale integrates with GCP data-centers worldwide
  • Accelerated deployment of HPC workloads with incredible performance
  • Rescale on GCP delivers customers an HPC platform with virtually limitless scale and flexibility


Rescale on GCP platform offering delivers



GCP Regions

  • Global infrastructure: Rescale integrates with data centers in every GCP region
  • Hardware variety: Rescale supports all GCP HPC infrastructure including high-throughput networks with placement groups, TPUs and GPUs
  • Account management: Rescale integrates with your existing GCP enterprise agreements

"Rescale makes us significantly more competitive than big companies because it gives us greater capabilities than they have, combined with the agility of a small company, so we can make decisions a lot faster. We can do simulations faster, and we can get our products to market faster."

Mike Hollenbeck, CTO & Co-founder, Optisys

Web-Based SaaS Interface

  • 엔지니어링 Rescale helps customers shift from complex on-premise workflows to an easy-to-use web-based engineering SaaS workflow
  • Web 기반 워크 플로우 Rescale supports all types of workflows including multidisciplinary exploration, optimizations, design of experiments, and more
  • Turn-key: Rescale allows the user to quickly choose the best hardware and software for their business needs in one easy-to-use interface

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