Rescale’s is the world’s largest HPC infrastructure management platform. It is designed for engineers and scientists, and is built to help companies accelerate innovation on demand.

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Rescale Platform Editions

ScaleX® Elements

Designed for individual users, giving them the HPC power and flexibility to compete without on-premise resources


Designed for small teams, giving them the HPC power at scale and essential collaboration tools


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플랫폼 옵션

ScaleX® Elements ScaleX® Advanced ScaleX® Enterprise
Group Subgroup Features For individuals For teams For enterprises
Platform Multi-cloud
Simulation platform
File Management
Command Line Access
Application Library
End-to-end encryption and MFA
Job SLA with auto-relaunch
Rescale Insight Administration Portal Administrative Basic Full
Administrative Dashboards (Economics, Security, Utilization, Overview)
Financial Budgeting Controls
Billing Summaries & Breakdowns
Security Single Sign-On (SSO)
Event and Data Transfer Audit Logs
Access Control and Password Policies
Architectural Software and Hardware Portfolio Management
Bring-your-own and on-demand license Management
Multi-team Workspace Assignment and Admin Delegation
Projects & Group Management
Sharing Controls
Support Customer Success Level Email Plus Premium
Custom Software Installs (per year) 0 < 5 > 5
Instant Access to HPC Application Experts
On-Premise HPC and Scheduler Integration

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