ScaleX® Advanced

ScaleX® Advanced is the team-specific deployment of Rescale's industry-leading HPC management platform. It solves the common challenges of launching and managing cloud HPC infrastructure resources in an organized and collaborative approach. ScaleX® Advanced features an essential administrative portal and an upgraded improved customer success level.

무료 시험

Collaborate with HPC in the cloud

Launch cloud workloads seamlessly across the team

  • Run workloads on-demand and collaborate as required
  • 클라우드 HPC 워크로드를 통한 속도 및 확장성을 리스케일과 함께 스스로의페이스에 따라 검증하십시요
  • 최신 하드웨어 아키텍쳐의 다양한 하드웨어 사용 가능
  • Set-up the platform and users in under a day
  • Keep your team data secure: enterprise grade security with end-to-end encryption

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