Archive - Rescale Job and Platform SLA

*Note: Effective for customers with contracts before October 2, 2020


  • Instant: 99% of jobs start within 15 minutes and complete without failure (*)
  • On demand: 95% of jobs start within 15 minutes and complete without failure (*)

Platform SLA

  • 99% availability

SLA Calculation

  • Job SLA: To determine the Job SLA (instant or on demand) for a customer during a calendar quarter, the denominator is the number of qualified jobs completed during the calendar quarter that the customer correctly initiated, while the numerator is the number of such jobs which started within 15 minutes and completed without failure (excluding failures caused by the customer - improper job config, bugs in SW, etc). (*)
  • Platform SLA: To determine the Platform SLA for a customer during a calendar quarter, the denominator is the total amount of time during a calendar quarter, while the numerator is the amount of such time during which the customer can access the platform and start jobs (excluding lack of access caused by the customer). (*)

(*) Clarification

  1. Job SLA is calculated in a calendar quarter based on jobs up to 1000 cores running for up to seven days in Instant, and 500 cores up to three days in On demand. All other jobs are excluded (as not “qualified”) from both the denominator and numerator.
  2. Architectures meeting SLA are identified in the platform. Startup time is guaranteed by the SLA for virtualized architectures on major cloud providers.
  3. Job start time assumes the job has been validated and does not include data transfer time.
  4. Platform availability refers to the ability to access the platform and submit jobs. If users are unable to submit jobs, this impacts the Platform SLA, not the Job SLA.
  5. Failures include unhandled platform exceptions, provider hardware failures, job interruptions due to provider hardware reclamation and provider downtime. Failures exclude budget exhaustion, job setup errors by user including hardware sizing, maximum walltime, software licensing and input file and command errors.
  6. A job that is restarted and completes is a successful job. Customers will only be charged for one time the runtime.
  7. 95% on-demand job completion applies to all jobs, while 95% of on-demand jobs start within 15 minutes applies only to the US region.
  8. Reserved Instances with capacity guaranteed are considered as instant for Job SLA calculations. (Startup time SLA does not apply to reserved instances without capacity guaranteed.)
  9. Desktops are considered as instant for Job SLA.
  10. Instant 15-minute job startup time applies to the Linux OS. Instant startup time for Windows is 25 minutes.
  11. For customers who bring their own license, the Rescale SLAs do not cover accessing their on-premise license server. The Rescale SLAs apply to pay-per use or fixed licenses hosted by Rescale.
  12. For customers who bring their own cloud agreements, the SLA offered by the cloud provider replaces the Rescale SLAs.


If, in a calendar quarter, the service agreement has not been met, the customer is entitled to compensation in the form of Rescale credit equal to:

Credit = (Committed % - Actual %) * Quarterly Spend (in that category) / 100

A customer can request a refund using one of the service agreement percentages with a maximum cap of 10% of the total quarterly spend.