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Last updated June 8, 2018

This document describes services available through Rescale End User Customer Support ("Support") for the Rescale platform ("Platform"). This document applies to all customers unless a separate support agreement is in place with Rescale.

Rescale offers three defined levels of support, Standard Support, Enterprise Support and Premium Support. Support plans are designed to meet the demands of customers who require varying levels of response within best effort or guaranteed, pre-defined windows. Standard Support is offered to ScaleX Pro customers at no additional cost. Enterprise Support is offered to ScaleX Enterprise customers. Premium Support is offered at an additional charge by contacting A fourth option, Custom Support, is available on a case-by-case basis.

Standard Support Plan

Every Rescale customer is covered by the Standard Support plan as a part of their ScaleX Pro account. Standard Support provides online training and support to get started with Rescale. We provide documentation, tutorials and videos to guide you through common questions and scenarios. Standard Support includes access to email support on a best effort basis during normal business hours.

  • No additional cost
  • Self-help documentation, tutorials and videos
  • Email support
  • Best effort response times

Enterprise Support Plan

ScaleX Enterprise customers receive Enterprise Support, including developer and engineering response time SLAs. Rescale will provide expert answers for optimizing your simulations to the cloud and data I/O validation. Troubleshooting and application reviews can be provided to help you build and submit jobs on our platform that are optimized. Questions about billing, metering and other usage-related queries are available with Enterprise Support.

  • Includes all Standard Support Plan features, plus
  • 24 business hour guaranteed response time
  • Live chat, email, phone and remote screenshare support
  • 5 x 12 support hours (8am-8pm Pacific US time, Monday - Friday)

Premium Support Plan

Customers that require a higher level of support can opt to purchase a Premium Support Plan. Premium Support includes all the Enterprise Support Plan benefits as well as our fastest engineering and developer response time SLAs for high severity issues or outages impacting production systems.

  • Includes all Enterprise Support Plan features, plus
  • 4 business hour guaranteed response SLA for Production issues (password resets, account access issues, API issues, data transfer issues)
  • 6 business hour guaranteed response SLA for Platform issues (admin/metering/billing issues)
  • 8 business hour guaranteed response SLA for Simulation issues (simulation software issues, input file and command validation, job submission help)
Support SLA Overview Support Plan Response Times*
Support Type Standard Enterprise Premium
Production Support - relating to issues whereby Users cannot log in to the Rescale platform, access the API, transfer data to and from Rescale or run jobs on Rescale. Best Effort 24 Business Hours 4 Business Hours
Platform Support - relating to administrative / billing issues in the platform, UI frontend, file transfer apps and partner/3rd-party application issues. Best Effort 24 Business Hours 6 Business Hours
Simulation Assistance - help Users to validate and optimize User-supplied data and commands prior to job submission. Best Effort 24 Business Hours 8 Business Hours
* Based on the severity of your inquiry, Rescale will make every reasonable effort to respond to you within these timeframes

Customer Support Plan

Customers that require special support beyond the levels provided here should contact us for Custom Support Plan options.

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