Solutions for ADAS

The ScaleX platform helps engineers develop the latest driver-assistance systems that automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems. With Rescale, this important technology is accelerated, bringing it to market faster and better.

Analyze more ADAS scenes, faster

Between autonomous vehicles (AV) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), the automotive world is engaged in a fierce technology race. Major vehicle OEMs and their suppliers need vast compute resources to handle the breadth and depth of analysis required.

This technology leans on a combination of radar, lidar, sensor fusion and deep learning to deliver results that guard human life. Therefore, the analysis must count on enormous datasets, designs of experiments, and compute-intensive software, a combination for which Rescale’s cloud HPC platform is particularly suited.

Engineers and programmers can use the ScaleX platform to run workflows such as high-fidelity, physics-based sensor modeling, ISO26262, AUTOSAR-compliant embedded software and human-machine interface development.

The Rescale ScaleX platform enables users to

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