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Rescale provides an instant gateway to machine learning with GPUs in the cloud, allowing users to leverage popular frameworks such as Caffe, Torch7, and Tensorflow which can often be difficult and time consuming to configure.

A flexible cloud environment to expedite machine learning results.

Artificial intelligence or simply, AI, is when a computer is programmed to function similar to that of a human brain such as learning, planning and problem solving. AI has been around for many years but as technology progresses so does the field of AI. A machine learning model is told how to make a decision. With even more advances in understanding the human mind, instead of programmatically telling the machine how to solve for the answer, machines are now programmed to function more like a human brain and to find trends and patterns on its own thus the term, deep learning.

Typically, setting up a machine learning environment is difficult. A large amount of computing power is needed to run various models including the use of expensive, on premise GPUs. Setting up the framework and getting it to function correctly, requires many library dependencies and making the various packages work together is often tricky. Companies have to hire experts or their data scientists have to spend time building the infrastructure instead of innovating.

Machine learning is becoming a critical aspect of business, providing insight for trends and patterns that may not have been seen before. Companies are building machine learning into every corner of their business to gain insight from within the inside to stay ahead of the competition.

Rescale provides the platform to unleash the power of machine and deep learning.

"AI technologies will be in almost every new software product by 2020."

Susan Moore

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