Cloud 3.0: The Rise of Big Compute

In 2017, the enterprise software industry is at an inflection point for ubiquitous cloud adoption. Although still early in the shift towards the new cloud-first paradigm, the cloud is already fundamentally transforming all elements of IT. Those enterprises who have embraced the cloud in their core business activities have demonstrated a strong correlation between cloud adoption and improved business performance.

During this transformative shift to enterprise cloud adoption, several significant macro phases are taking place. Together, they promise to deliver incredible business value to the enterprise. The first foundational phase, software-as-a-service, SaaS, or Cloud 1.0, transformed the delivery and business model of enterprise software companies. The second, Big Data or Cloud 2.0, is unlocking value in massive data sets. SaaS and Big Data have each already created over $100 billion in value in the enterprise. Now, Big Compute or Cloud 3.0 is building on these critical foundational layers. It is at an inflection point and poised to be the third wave of the cloud revolution.

This white paper will walk through the evolution of the cloud industry landscape in recent decades, describing how each phase uniquely redefined the status quo and laid the foundation for Cloud 3.0, the era of Big Compute. It will discuss how Big Compute is poised to drive technological disruption and provide a unique opportunity for a new wave of category-defining companies.

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