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Transform your on-premise HPC system with the ScaleX® platform and gain instant access to the world's largest high performance computing infrastructure in the cloud.

Solutions for Engineering and Data Scientists

Solutions for HPC Data Center Management

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Explore the unlimited possibilities of HPC in the cloud


Rescale’s ScaleX® platform helps solve the world’s most challenging engineering, scientific, and mathematical problems with unprecedented speed by leveraging HPC in the cloud.

Transformed it agility

Instantly shift workloads to the cloud and work in tandem with on-premise systems. Access the very latest cloud hardware including GPU and InfiniBand.

On-demand Turnkey Platform

Browser-based workflow with immediate access to over 350+ applications, ported and tuned for HPC.

Accelerated Time to Market

No waiting in queues or schedulers for resources. Reduce turnaround times and access instant HPC capacity.

Reduced Capital Expenditures

Pay-as-you-go for hardware and software. Avoid under-utilized on-premise machines and reduce costs through managed resource allocation.

ScaleX® Platform Features

Rescale offers access to global data centers, the very latest HPC hardware and a complete library of engineering, scientific and mathematical software.

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Solutions by Role

Rescale offers solutions at all levels in the enterprise.

Solutions by Industry

Rescale provides solutions to any industry dependent on big compute.

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