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Core Types

{[{ isPrimary ? 'Primary Core Types' : 'Specialty Core Types' }]} Memory (GB/Core) Network IO Storage (GB/Core) Processor
{[{ }]} {[{ coretype.memory / 1000 }]} {[{ }]} {[{ }]} (SSD) {[{ coretype.processorInfo }]}

Supported Operating Systems

Amazon Linux, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Ubuntu, Windows Server


Rescale supports over 200 simulation applications. License varies from on-demand to annual license terms. View Software for more information.


Usage Models

Rescale provides both on-demand and long-term environments and pricing structures for a varying simulation workload, resulting in the most competitive and financially flexible solution available in the market.

Platform Options

ScaleX Pro ScaleX Developer ScaleX Enterprise
for SMBs for ISVs for Enterprise
Simulation Platform
File Management
IT Administration Portal
On-Premise HPC & Scheduler Integration
Comprehensive License Management
Support Standard Premium Premium

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