ScaleX™ Pro is the professional version of Rescale's award-winning cloud simulation and HPC platform and can be deployed within minutes to any organization. The ScaleX Pro platform is designed for independent professionals and SMBs to perform their complex engineering and scientific simulations with speed, performance, and confidence.
ScaleX™ Developer is designed for external application developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to build, test, and deploy software directly to Rescale's platforms and perform native software integration with Rescale's powerful backend.
ScaleX™ Enterprise is the enterprise deployment of Rescale's industry leading cloud simulation and HPC platform. ScaleX Enterprise features a unified enterprise simulation platform and a powerful administrative portal, along with direct integrations and management of on-premise HPC resources, schedulers, and software licenses.

Platform Options

ScaleX Pro ScaleX Developer ScaleX Enterprise
for SMBs for ISVs for Enterprise
Simulation Platform
File Management
IT Administration Portal
On-Premise HPC & Scheduler Integration
Comprehensive License Management
Support Standard Premium Premium

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